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A Mobile Makeover for Xerox’s Tried-and-True Knowledge Platform

Eureka’s longevity proves that effective knowledge management never grows old. But to be effective, companies must ensure their technicians can share and access information and the latest mobile tools in use in the field.

Read more about Eureka, Xerox’s 20-year-old KM platform that still hums.

Art of Managing a Dysfunctional Team

In my 30 years in field service, I’ve been on many dysfunctional teams. I’ve witnessed managers who have worked miracles, and those who have crashed and burned. I can boil it down to three management approaches, and the pros and cons of each.

Read more from veteran Xerox technician Donald B. Stephens.

5 Management Lessons from Professor Snape

Snape certainly had a black mark on his resume — he was Death Eater for goodness’ sake! But Dumbledore gave him a chance and he did a great job. He never went back to his old ways. People make bad choices, but those shouldn’t color their lives forever. Remember: People can change.

Read more from Suzanne Lucas, AKA the “Evil HR Lady.”

2016: The Year Service Leaders Double Down on Revenue with Mobile

Paperwork still accounts for nearly 20 percent of an average field technician’s day. Given the high level of mobile use, we would have expected a significant elimination of paperwork when it comes to field service tasks.

Read more research takeaways from the Service Council’s Sumair Dutta.

Siemens, IoT-Enabled Turbines, Windfall of Profits

Though tricky, offshore wind farm maintenance is lucrative business. Bloomberg estimates the offshore wind turbine maintenance market to reach $89 billion by 2025, driven by lucrative maintenance costs.

Read more about Siemens’ ambition to turn high-tech turbines into profits.