I landed at ServiceMax and one of my first projects was to take over our AppExchange listing. The assignment was straightforward, make sure it’s up-to-date – copy stays relevant and maintained so every Salesforce customer can find and flock to our burgeoning field service management application.



ServiceMax has seen thousands of leads come through AppExchange and while the platform names have changed; first Force.com, then Salesforce1, and now App Cloud, one thing remains the same ­– ServiceMax is an AppExchange app. And we want to keep it there for the thousands of people searching for Enterprise Field Service Management.

When AppExchange launched in 2006, there was no larger call to action than having a presence there. ServiceMax had already seen the opportunity the Force.com platform could create and launched its native flagship product. For a software start-up, the idea of platform-as-a-service was so compelling. You leverage an already existing infrastructure, APIs, database and leave behind the headache of the traditional development stack. ServiceMax was up and running and ready for business in half the time it took its legacy software peers.

And, it also had a ready-made channel in AppExchange. Having a listing just made sense and was a catalyst for ServiceMax’s transition from a once certified consulting business into an enterprise software leader. But it wasn’t just good timing or luck, it was a compelling business idea – drive more value in field service organizations by tying their daily operating system to what matters most ­­– their customers. And of course, have the foresight to know that you’ll be doing that with the number one Customer Success Platform.

Today as a Salesforce Platinum partner, ServiceMax has close to 500 customers and amassed nearly 20,000 leads from AppExchange alone. It’s a testament to the value ServiceMax brings its customers and partners. As we’ve grown, we’ve found other marketing platforms to keep our opportunity engine running, but every chance we get we’ll continue to turn up our megaphones on AppExchange – the marketing platform that, for us, started it all.

It’s been a great 10 years, here’s to many more.