The link between the boardroom and your field service team isn’t always obvious. However, establishing connection between the two is imperative in order to consistently deliver a culture of exceptional service across your company. Here are three steps to arm your customer service representatives and field service technicians with the tools and knowledge they need to stay a step ahead.

Connect Your People to Customers and Each other Through Technology

One surefire way to boost business results is to connect your client-facing field service agents with the latest technology and real-time asset data. Global industry is run on constantly evolving technology and companies are challenged to remain ahead of the learning curve. Arming your sales team and field service organization with training, technology and tools to access the best information will propel your company into the future. Whether it’s through a phone or iPad application, video conferencing system or cloud administration platform, your team of agents should be a click away from necessary, targeted and actionable information at all times.

Set and Maintain an Expectation for High-Quality Service

First-time fixes shouldn’t be rare. Set your team to the highest standards and give them the tools to achieve the best results for customers. Offer client success-tied incentives internally to keep your team motivated. Inspire your staff to constantly explore, challenge and question how they can perform better to personalize and advance the provider-client relationship.

Lead the Customer to Success

For vendors and consultants across the enterprise, it’s important, but not always easy, to remember that leadership and expertise is a key reason a customer hires your company. Take uncertainty out of the provider-customer relationship and tap into the latest, greatest tech to deliver results focused on success. Command ownership of your expertise with informed recommendations that draw from the best of your technology to deliver optimal results for your customers.

It’s time to embrace mobile and technology-enabled field agents as an extension of your customer success team. At the same time, you should be arming your office staff with the tools they need to respond to calls from technicians and customers alike looking for mission critical information. Technology is the adhesive holding modern business together, with mobile and cloud leading the charge.

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