Editor’s note: A version of this article first appeared on Field Technologies Online and is adapted here with permission. Below, FTO Editor-in-Chief Sarah Nicastro speaks with Steve Demanovich, service sales operations leader at Trane, about the close relationship between field service and field sales.

362f2e3We talk a lot about how today’s mobile technologies are impacting the field service industry. But field sales operations are benefitting equally from the use of mobile tools, and field sales and field service are really becoming more closely integrated in many organizations.

Trane, a brand of Ingersoll Rand, a $13 billion global business, is a world leader in air conditioning systems, service and solutions. In his role, Steve is responsible for providing general oversight and strategic direction for sales operations tools, processes and analytics for Trane North America’s field service sales force of almost 400.

What’s your take on the trend of field service and field sales operations to become more closely integrated, and in some instances cross-functional?

Demanovich: If a company hasn’t seen this happen yet within their organization, it won’t be long before it does. Field service technicians are typically at a customer’s site more than anyone. In many cases, they are the face of the company to a customer. A great technician can be a salesperson’s greatest ally — who better to identify leads than those who are familiar with the equipment and building that is being serviced?

Leveraging collaboration between field service and field sales can have a significant impact in achieving future sales growth.

What’s your take on the future of field sales?

As field service continues to grow, it’s natural that field sales will continue to grow as well. Building relationships along with identifying and delivering solutions that help customers meet their business objectives will remain critical factors for success. As I’ve discussed, collaboration between field service and field sales will continue to be an increasing trend. If selected and used appropriately, technology can help a company’s sales force become more productive and more informed — enabling them to better serve customers.

In addition, organizations can benefit from the use of technology through gaining more accurate and timely insights about their customers and the entire sales process. As with our own personal shifts in technology to on-demand and mobile-based needs, I believe that the HVAC industry will continue to trend in that direction, and Trane customers will continue to become smarter and more savvy in the ways they view and need technology to help them be successful as well.

A version of this article by Sarah Nicastro first appeared on Field Technologies Online. You can read the full version here.