Editor’s note: It’s impossible to stay on top of every service news story. We get it. Don’t miss a beat with our monthly “In Case You Missed It” series. Keep reading for November’s top stories, from one service leader’s novel parts delivery solution (Uber!) to the man behind the magic of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Uber for Fast Parts Delivery

Why not dial up an Uber when we have an urgent need, and use that as another pipeline to deliver parts to our technicians? I brought the idea back to the office, and we gave it shot. It has been fantastic.

Read more from Dave Carevich, director of business development at McKinley Equipment.

Knowledge Management Gets Too Little Respect

I continue to hear companies struggling with problems we know how to solve, but there isn’t support from executives to provide the funding, staffing and cultural support required to be successful.

Read John Ragsdale’s tips for building a KM solution your techs will actually use.

The IoT is Not a Spectator Sport

How you run a service team — and an entire company — is going to change because of smart, connected products.

Read more from ServiceMax’s Mark Homer.

Field Service On Parade

The people, their passion and sharing in something that is bigger than all of us is my favorite part of my work. On the other hand, there is no changing the date for Thanksgiving. There is no such thing as “not ready.”

Read more from Macy’s Parade Studio’s John Piper.

Prepare for IoT Disruption Today

Field service is the killer app for IoT, and it’s coming whether you like it or not. This is not something that is maybe about to happen; it’s happening now.

Read more from Kevin Ashton, who coined the term “Internet of Things.”