I’ve been in the enterprise sales game long enough to take notice when a program, service or offering is not only working the way it should, but actually helping customers focus on other elements of their business vital to growth. That’s what we’re up to at ServiceMax and why our field service management products go above and beyond their intended purpose. Here’s four ways we help business grow by making field service management simple and powerful:

1. ServiceMax takes the legacy inefficiencies out of field service management and general company administration

Field service has traditionally run administratively with paper, file cabinets and clipboards. Bursting file folders with task sheets, schedules and status reports often get lost and/or collect dust. ServiceMax shakes off that dust for users and offers a centralized operating system hosting a one-stop shop for scheduling details, task management, asset data and technician tools. With ServiceMax deployed, administrators and technicians can focus on other logistical bottlenecks and servicing customers, executives can turn their attention to other departments and customers can gain confidence that issues and maintenance requests will be attended to in the most efficient manner.

2. ServiceMax’s platform provides technicians with increased connectivity and asset knowledge they need to fix a problem on the first visit

Recent field research indicates that the largest customer-facing issue with field service today is that problems are not fixed on the first technician visit. By connecting technicians to ServiceMax through mobile and the cloud, field service agents can access the data, technical details and tailored insights to fix problems while they’re on the job. Using ServiceMax can decrease the occurrence of multiple visits to fix the same problem and arm the technician with the right information, parts and knowledge to get the job done in a big, successful way that boosts a company’s reputation.

3. ServiceMax offers a mobile solution to field service management that taps into the latest time, resource and cost efficiency technology

At our core, we’re innovation enthusiasts who constantly study the immense potential of connected assets, the Internet of Things and the latest in mobile, wearable and cloud technology. Thanks to user communication throughout the deployment process and perpetual research and development, we are able understand that today’s field service industry is a testing area, catalyst and source of many industrial developments that will fuel businesses over the next few decades. The technology and apps we’re deploying to meet field service needs and challenges will soon have broader applications across the enterprise.

4. Forget customer success, ServiceMax is invested in complete customer transformation

From the moment a client deploys our field service management platform, the ServiceMax customer transformation team is there to provide partnership, support and connect users with programs key to their success. We pride ourselves in building sustainable relationships with our users and focusing on building an ecosystem of collaboration. We’re offering the operating system for the new connected service economy and the right people to work with users to optimize their field service operations through the ServiceMax platform.

At ServiceMax, the whole team is focused on delivering a proactive, complete connected service experience for our clients that offers optimal knowledge, data and resource allocation. Our commitment to customer transformation enables companies, in turn, to transform their service operations and focus improving other traditional cost centers as they grow their businesses. We’re here to offer top-notch products, customer engagement and informed perspectives around optimizing resources to deliver consistently incredible service that unlocks business growth in other areas.

ABOUT ServiceMax

Avatar photoServiceMax is the only complete field service software solution helping companies of all sizes manage contracts, scheduling, and parts, while also providing solutions for social, portals, and analytics — all delivered in the cloud to any mobile device. We deliver software that brings together the right data at the right moment to delight customers and drive business results at the crucial point of service. We’re rethinking field service, and delivering cutting edge technology to help companies perfect service delivery, drive revenue and growth, and delight customers.