Our mission at ServiceMax is to innovate, streamline and simplify the field service experience for everyone involved – companies, partners, technicians and customers worldwide. A key element, especially in today’s on-demand and constantly plugged-in economy, is to connect partners and their users with the right platform, tools, information and technology to ensure that the technician-customer interaction is seamless across the value chain. That’s why we’re convening a collection of the world’s top business and innovation minds in Paris, France this week for MaxLive Europe.

Since we launched ServiceMax in 2007, we’ve centered our work around the real business and revenue potential of an outcomes-based model on the world of service and service delivery. In fact, we’ve championed the evolution of this industry from offline technicians, clipboards, pencils and land lines, to connected field agents, mobile devices, software and apps. We’ve seen companies transform their business through our field service management technology. MaxLive Europe is an opportunity to discuss and debate how this new frontier in field service will play out with our partners, customers, users and industry counterparts.

The conference opened yesterday with a CSO (Chief Service Officer) Summit, bringing together innovative service industry leaders who want to increase their company’s revenue and profits, lead with new technology and capitalize on industry shifts like outcomes-based service and the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT). Our MaxLive CSO Summit has grown from a client request to a formal meetup of like-minded executive leaders looking to solve real business issues, day to day challenges and best practices. The session featured Kevin Ashton, the person who literally coined the term, “Internet of Things,” and was hosted by our event partner PTC and our very own VP of Global Customer Transformation Dave Hart.

The underlying theme at this year’s MaxLive Europe is: elevate field service. This seemingly simple phrase is loaded with possibilities. We’re seeing companies investing in building their service operations, connecting assets and technicians to the right information on the job and shifting the focus of their business model from reactive response to customer requests to proactive and efficient customer success.

A huge focus of our main event this year is to listen and learn from the best field service companies, customers, experts and practitioners. MaxLive Europe is also a chance for leaders from around the world to network and share their success stories with their business peers. We have world-leading service providers, emerging companies charting new service territory and top minds shepherding the path of the field service industry into a future of what we like to call, connected service.

Our core belief is that you must have a fundamentally different type of operating system to operate in this new connected environment. More broadly, we’re at a pivotal point in the industry where the technology available and the pace of its innovation is leading a fundamental change in the delivery of service. We have to rethink the entire service model. What we do today isn’t going to last forever. Ultimately, service will be the product that your company sells. The actual products will need to be integrated seamlessly and perform instantly, product differentiation will go away and service will be the ultimate differentiator. Customers will just want a guarantee that you will provide them with an outcome, a level or performance.

We’re pleased to have a stellar cast for this year’s MaxLive Europe – from global industry experts to CEOs, chief service officers and executives at the helm of companies leading IoT’s implementation in the real world of service. Check out our event hub to explore our speaker roster, see our full agenda and for more information about MaxLive partners and attendees: http://maxlive.servicemax.com/europe.