Don Schleicher recently joined ServiceMax to lead our global sales efforts as Executive Vice President, Sales. He is a sales veteran, former Marine, casual ice climber and field service champion. Don is also an all-business kind of person who is dedicated to building winning teams. We recently sat down with Don to ask for a glimpse at his priorities for the next phase of company sales momentum and chat through his past a bit.



ServiceMax Executive Vice President, Sales Don Schleicher

Where do you see ServiceMax in the broader field service market?

Don: ServiceMax has moved to a new phase of business operations as the premier operational platform for transformational customer success and the true innovator for field service management. It’s time to elevate our sales strategy to reflect our position as the definitive market leader and continue to build our customer base around the world.

What’s the biggest change you’ve seen at ServiceMax?

Don: It is clear that with an expanding global presence, core partnerships with industry leaders and a constantly innovating platform, we are no longer a startup. That said, we remain nimble and on the front edge of innovation. We’re transforming an industry that literally keeps the world running, turning field service from a reactive department into a proactive profit center for companies around the globe.

How does your experience in the Marines translate to your approach commercial sales?

Don: I could go into serious detail, but let me just say that my time management, focus on stellar performance and emphasis on team building skills are sharper thanks to my military days. They will come in handy as I execute a ServiceMax sales strategy geared toward driving business growth, customer success and commercial engagement with industry-leading partners.

If you had 20 seconds to tell someone about why they should use ServiceMax, what would you say?

Don: We are the only company that can truly transform your entire end-to-end service delivery business and tangibly realize improved business results around revenue growth, cost reduction and increased customer satisfaction.

We’re pleased to welcome Don to the company and fortunate to have him leading the ServiceMax sales team into 2016 and beyond. For more about Don, visit our website.