Editor’s note: It’s impossible to stay on top of every service news story. (We get it.) Don’t miss a beat with our monthly “In Case You Missed It” series. Keep reading for this month’s top stories, from an inside look at GE’s ambitions to shake up field service with its Predix platform to why streaming music apps like Spotify can save your technicians’ sanity.

GE’s Machines (and Service) Get Smart With Predix

Field service engineers are going to evolve and become more preventative solutions providers than the wrench-turning person. And they are going to become more value added in their advice [to customers] on the use and operation of equipment.

Read more from Bobby George, CIO of field services at GE, about the company’s IoT platform for industrial equipment.


3 Tools That Will Transform Field Service Toolkits by 2020

Augmented reality incorporates ‘smart glasses’ that enable you to see and interact with digital information in a way that augments your view of the real world.

Read about three emerging technologies that could change how work gets done in the field.

Super Hero Techs Bring Spider Man to Life

We analyze audience reactions over the next two to three weeks [after launching a show]. Are they in awe when we want them to be in awe? Do they laugh when we want them to laugh?

Read more from the man whose team brings Marvel characters to life onstage.

Simple Music Apps Can Help Techs Fight Stress

Letting your techs use some data to listen to a few tunes might make them enjoy, or care for, the devices a bit more. … Pretty soon, they’ll be whistling all the way to work — and while they work, too.

Read why music is a powerful salve for stress.

5 Online Courses to Hone Your Leadership Chops

We are all writers, whether we acknowledge it or not. Think about how much of your business is communicated by written words. You send emails. You write business plans. Even text messages are written communication — and there’s always room for improvement.

Read HR Expert Suzanne Lucas’ online curriculum cheat sheet.

Sell More Service With Inbound Marketing

Content is king when it comes to marketing, and the higher quality your content is, the more likely you’ll attract consumers.

Read more inbound marketing tips from Jolt Consulting.