At ServiceMax, we’re embracing a new era of connected service and its convergence with the IoT by focusing on 4P’s: process, people, product, and promises. In fact, we’re hosting an event during Dreamforce to discuss each one (hope you can join us!). But first, we’d like to shed some light on why we believe the 4P’s are crucial to the future of a thriving and connected field service industry.

Connecting Our 4P’s of Field Service to the IoT
It’s not enough to address one aspect of field service. You need processes that address them all. You also need to build a centralized platform to proactively address field service operations, from service requests to invoicing – and everything in between. Freshly introduced field service processes need to be dynamic and easily updated with minimal stress on your IT resources.

Even in the emerging era of connected service, people are core to business and customer success. For the modern field service industry, this means offering mobile, cloud, and offline solutions optimized for field service operations that connect technicians and provide them with real-time information. Companies need to give people the tools, connectivity, and technology they, in turn, need to thrive and work efficiently in the modern on-demand service economy. Technology will play a crucial role in boosting collaboration between people by instantly bringing them together to increase learning and expand tribal knowledge across the field service industry.

Smart, connected products are the backbone of the IoT and field service is the essential industry for maintaining and servicing those products. For businesses with field service operations, knowing everything you can about active and connected products in the field will be critical to moving your service operations from reactive to proactive – and, eventually, predictive. By using next generation and IoT-linked technologies to service and maintain connected hardware, companies can shift to a condition- and outcome-based maintenance model.

The meaning of “service” is shifting from fixing something once it’s broken to mean fulfilling a promise you made to a customer that goes beyond reacting to a broken machine. Today, it means predicting how long that machine will continue running and fixing the issue in question before it becomes a critical problem. By tapping into the latest proactive maintenance technology, businesses are able to guarantee a specific outcome that customers can build their business on.

The Connected Service Experience
From deploying and connecting innovative technology to ushering in a shift in the demographics makeup of our technician workforce to maintaining our focus on technician and customer success while leveraging the latest and greatest in proactive and predictive service management tools. A tech-driven interaction between products, process, and people that leads to the proactive realization of promises to customers can redefine almost any business while deepening customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Check out for more information about what we’re up to at Booth N1120, executive sessions, and to register for our Connected Service Experience event at the W Hotel on Tuesday, September 15th! Oh, and don’t forget to #ThankATech.