Dreamforce is taking place September 15th – 18th in San Francisco, California. There will be tons of company and conference swag to take home, but what should you pack before you leave for the show? Here’s a helpful guide with a few suggested ‘DOs’ & ‘DON’Ts’ for attendees traveling far and wide to join fellow insiders for the week of Dreamforce fun:


Portable Chargers – Let’s face it, this is a conference celebrating cloud, mobile and application technology. Everyone will be online and everyone will need a charge. Bring a spare or two if you really want to make friends.

Comfy Shoes – The Dreamforce show itself is expansive and in one of the few areas of San Francisco lacking in hills, but you should still pack a pair of comfortable shoes for strolling around the show floor and city.

Windbreaker – It’s important to bring a legit windbreaker to San Francisco because you never know when a gust will come along and almost knock your Blue Bottle cold drip out of your hand. They’re also great for session coffee break walks and to strongly rep your brand around town as you explore.

Sunglasses Case – Sunglasses are a popular giveaway. Sunglasses cases are not. Be prepared and bring your favorite shades protector.

Parka – It’s September in San Francisco. That could mean sunny and 80 degrees. That could mean cloudy and 55 degrees. Be ready for the crisp Ghirardelli’s run, cool nights, and potential ferry ride to Sausalito with a heavier coat.

Swimsuit – It’s September in San Francisco. That could mean sunny and 80 degrees. That could mean cloudy and 55 degrees. Be ready for the potential beach, pool, or park excursions with your favorite swimsuit.


The Terms ‘Frisco’ and ‘San Fran’ – No one in San Francisco refers to San Francisco as ‘Frisco’ or ‘San Fran’. You don’t have to pretend to be a local while you’re in town for Dreamforce, but even though you can’t really pack them, make sure to keep these terms at home.

Last Year’s Swag – The quickest way to give yourself away as an overzealous Dreamforce fanatic is to wear swag from last year’s show. Keep the t-shirts, bags, and golf shirts at home – or, at the very least, wear a branded hoodie over them to partially conceal your fanhood.

Anything with a LA Logo – This is a World Series Champion Giants and NBA Champion Warriors country. Don’t mess with success by sporting a Los Angeles jersey, shirt, or hat at the conference. Hunter Pence and Steph Curry wouldn’t like that.

San Francisco Sweatshirt – Another quick giveaway that you’re new to town is the touristy ‘San Francisco’ hoodie available on almost every corner of Market Street. Leave it in your closet. That also goes for the witty shirt you bought last year after the night tour of Alcatraz.

Formal Business Attire – San Francisco is a serious town where serious business gets done. Though, unless you’re trading stocks, attending a wedding, or lawyering, there’s no excuse not to leave the suit out of your suitcase. A cool jacket or ironed sweatshirt goes a long way.

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