We’re surrounded by machines, appliances, and technology that help to make our lives more comfortable — be it our refrigerators that keep our produce chilled, oil rigs that keep our vehicles fueled, or MRI machines that keep our families healthy. But, that’s really only the tip of the iceberg. What do all of these have in common? They make our lives more efficient. There is one, very important piece of the puzzle we don’t always remember to acknowledge: the field service technicians that fix the machines, appliances, and technology we need to continue living comfortably. They’re the ones that keep our world running.

Field technicians and engineers go into the field (some up in the air) everyday to maintain, repair, and replace machines, parts, and technologies that benefit our lives. Whether a tech maintains a 1500 foot cell tower that keeps the world wirelessly connected or repairs an oncology machine that allows patients to receive life saving treatments, or fixes an elevator that carries millions of people up and down a popular tourist site, field techs help us move seamlessly through our daily lives.

teamThe #ThankATech series gives us the opportunity to properly thank all of those unsung heroes out there who continue to keep our world running and who have impacted some aspect of our lives, whether big or small. They aren’t asking for a ‘thank you’, but they sure deserve one.

To meaningfully show gratitude to hard-working field service technicians and engineers everywhere, ServiceMax asks you to share short stories and photos (selfies included!) on social media of a time when a field service technician saved your day (or your wallet!). Along with your story and/or photo, include the hashtag #ThankATech. Don’t have a photo or story to share yet? No worries, the #ThankATech campaign is ongoing (through Dreamforce and beyond!) and we’ll accept submissions for months to come.

Consider taking a few minutes to #ThankATech as we head into Labor Day weekend here in the U.S. to honor the nation’s workforce. It’s a great time of year to show your gratitude for those who work long hours to keep the machines we rely on running. So, grab your smartphone or tablet, snap a picture of a technician or engineer, share a caption with the #ThankATech hashtag, and we’ll share them across the @ServiceMax network to spread the love!

How YOU can #ThankATech:

  • Post a story on a social media outlet of your choosing about how a field service tech has helped keep YOUR world running, using the the hashtag #ThankATech.
  • There are hundreds of techs who help us on a daily basis. When you see a tech in the field, #ThankATech by taking a picture with them and share with the world how they keep your world running.