Now that we have talked about preparing and communicating your new system implementation in the last blog post we can focus on delivering the solution through training.  Part 3 of the Adoption blog series is all about preparing for a successful training experience.

Your training plan is dependent on many factors.  Some key questions to ask include:

  1. How many people do you have to train?
  2. Where are the training attendees located?
  3. Is an In-Person training possible? This is ALWAYS the best option if it is possible
  4. When is the best time to introduce the new system thinking about business cycles, other rollouts, holidays, etc.
  5. Who will serve as key support during and after training?
  6. What are the topics that each groups needs to learn about? Some may be the same for all groups like basic navigation and other will be role specific


As you answer these questions you should plan and provide role specific training for each team/user.

  • In-person training should be used whenever possible for the best user experience
  • Training should include hands-on experience in a Sandbox/Training environment
  • Written or recorded training materials for reference
  • Role specific support team for questions

Training should always include clear user expectations for after training.  Common expectations might include:

  • Customer Support will document all service related cases in your new system starting on a certain date
  • Technicians will use their mobile device to view and work all assigned orders as of a certain date
  • Questions and responses related to using the system will be handled via the software vendor’s Training Center beginning the day after training

Expectations should be specific to each team and correlate to the team’s day-to-day business.  Leadership must prepare to review, manage and support any expectations that are communicated. If you have prepared and communicated effectively then using the steps outlined above will help you to achieve training success. Come back next Monday when I wrap up the series with the piece of the adoption puzzle that is most often missed.

To learn more about ServiceMax Education offerings, please visit our Training and Education page on the ServiceMax website.