Editor’s note: It’s impossible to stay on top of every service news story. (We get it.) Don’t miss a beat with our “In Case You Missed It” series, a monthly recap of our top stories. This month, hiring and training were a common thread on Field Service Digital. Keep reading to understand whether full-time staff or freelancers (or both) are best for your organization and how emerging tools like video should fit into a training regimen.

The Hiring Lessons Uber Borrowed From Field Service

“The characteristics of field service demand have changed (and will continue change), making it necessary for field service leaders to consider sharing economy businesses as a hiring mechanism. The bigger threat to field service businesses lies in hanging on to outdated business models that are no longer viable in today’s market realities.”

Read More from Michael Blumberg on freelancers’ growing role in field service.

Service Organizations Gain an Edge with Freelance Labor

“The time has finally come for field service leaders to realize that they don’t have to start from scratch to staff their field technician workforce. Instead, they can rely on new technology applications that integrate directly with their existing systems.”

Read more from Bill Pollock on how freelance platforms can ease the hiring crunch.

5 Tips to Train Those Pesky Millennials

“Field service leaders face significant challenges in hiring and training future technicians — but a lack of experience, or the misconception that millennials don’t want to work, should not discourage employers. Field service leaders, after all, have little choice but to prepare for the next-generation workforce.”

Read more tips from Jolt Consulting on how to properly train a next-gen workforce.

Live Video Will Transform In-the-Field Training

“Smartphones and tablets, now standard fare in any technician’s toolkit, have redefined how technicians do their jobs. Now, those devices — and the live video they stream — are ushering in changes around how organizations share knowledge and train their employees.”

Read more from SightCall’s Thomas Cottereau on the coming video revolution in service.

How You (Yes, You!) Can Exploit Big Data

“The real promise of Big Data is giving business leaders a map of where they could invest, or should invest, resources to produce a desired outcome. This is something that all organizations can benefit from.”

Read more from The Service Council’s Sumair Dutta on the promise of Big Data — and what new skills service organizations will soon require.