August is often considered a “slow” month – coworkers swapping places in the office as they head out of town for summer vacations and spending quality time with their families before the back-to-school rush. Truthfully, August has not been a very restful month for the ServiceMax team. We’ve been hard at work putting the finishing touches on our Summer ‘15 product release, and the accompanying app is now ready for download in Apple’s App Store and on Google Play.

Summer ‘15 is filled with new features and functionality that will equip field service technicians with the tools they need to be productive any place their job takes them. And if technicians are more productive, they are better equipped to increase services revenues and deepen customer satisfaction.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the key features we’re most excited about:

ServiceMax Smart Sync
From the start, we’ve built our field-ready mobile apps to support on-the-go techs who may or may not have Internet access on the job. This sounds easy, but in reality, the details of syncing this offline data with the online system whenever a signal is available — without taxing the technician or interrupting his/her work — is actually quite complicated. To address these challenges, ServiceMax Smart Sync offers the best offline performance available today. When technicians must deal with separate workflows and large data volumes, all in the unpredictable nature of a remote, offline location, it’s more important than ever that sync capabilities are robust and real-time. We offer five primary types of sync and four advanced sync capabilities encompassing almost any situation a technician may face. ServiceMax’s Summer ‘15 release represents not only a continuation of this work, but an expansion of sync functionality across applications.

ServiceMax Pulse
Do you want to keep utilization rates and customer satisfaction high? You’ll need to make sure your technicians know when schedules and situations change. With ServiceMax Pulse, dispatchers can alert technicians out in the field about new work orders with push notifications. No need for technicians to report back or check-in with the home base for new assignments. And the notifications are immediately linked to the updated information in ServiceMax Mobile for iPhone or iPad.

Detailed Service Contracts
The ability to offer the right service plan to your customers can have a huge impact on top line revenue growth. But the devil is in the details. That’s why we are offering even more flexibility and detail within our contracts capabilities and to give customers even more granular control. From increased detail in parts coverage and counters, to flexibility that allows you to deliver coverage based on the type of part, the detail of service contracts in Summer ‘15 gives organizations the ability to deliver customized service offerings – which can open the door to new revenue opportunities.

Ready to take Summer ‘15 out for a spin? You can download iOS versions of the application for iPad and iPhone in the Apple App store, and for Android in the Google Play store. And don’t forget to watch our webinar on September 1st to see the new features in action.