Our mission at ServiceMax has always been driven by one core belief:  that flawless service is immensely strategic to businesses. More and more companies increasingly recognize that flawless service represents the best and most reliable path to sustained growth, customer loyalty, and ultimate differentiation.  For eight years, ServiceMax has built the industry’s best field service solutions in the cloud, focused on running end-to-end service operations, and we are now the trusted field service solution for 400 companies around the world.

Today, we announced an exciting new phase in our journey. A significant new round of financing featuring two exciting new investors:  General Electric, a major ServiceMax customer and pioneer of the Industrial Internet, and PTC, Inc., a strategic partner with whom we are collaborating to deliver an integrated Connected Service solution.  I’m certainly excited about the endorsement these investments represent, but more so I’m looking forward to the future potential of these partnerships, as we continue to expand our market leadership.

Why do these relationships with GE and PTC matter so much to us? If you haven’t yet, check out the GE Brilliant Machines videos that lay out how much is at stake for having machines that can learn and optimize. Similarly, with the increasing convergence of IoT and service, PTC shares our vision and excitement for the service industry. As a leading Internet of Things software provider, PTC understands that a robust field service solution, allowing companies to manage their “things” is a critical component of any company’s IoT strategy.

What does the news mean for you, our stakeholders? We are incredibly inspired to continue our relentless product innovation and global expansion.  We will continue to be the platform for global service transformation, as manufacturers around the world move toward a new model; leveraging IoT technologies, and collaborating with customers to deliver outcomes.  We will continue to invest in the people and systems that allow us to leverage our platform to deliver incredible ROI to you, our customers.

Our mission remains the same. We’re elevating and transforming the field service industry.

Have any questions or comments? As always, feel free to reach out directly to me @dyarnold.

Cheers, Dave