Continuing with our four-part blog series on Adoption, in the last blog we talked about preparing your team for adoption.  The second step is providing clear and detailed communication.  Communication should be provided in multiple formats.  Some of the most common formats are:

  • Live or Web Team Meetings
  • Email blast from Marketing or Leadership
  • Hard copy marketing pieces
  • Promotional events or giveaways


communication_shutterstock_242409199Knowing what to share, when to share and how best to share information is important.  Share news and key information about the field service management project with leadership and teams early and often.

  1. Project Kickoff: Share news from an executive/leadership perspective to all teams involved in the rollout.  Use an email or marketing blast sharing what the new system is, why it was selected (key benefits for business), when it will rollout and who the new tool will affect (teams)
  2. Mid-Project: Communicate updates from team leadership to general users with more specifics details of key changes coming, benefits for the team and offering an opportunity to ask questions
  3. Training Prep: Talk about training and rollout plans verbally and written two weeks to a month before the events take place
  4. Training & Post Rollout: Share support plans and resources, how people can ask questions, get support and improve knowledge after training

Effective communication will help prepare the team for the changes to come and provide opportunities for questions that are needed with a big change like this.  Communication should come from multiple resources and throughout the entire project. It should also set the stage for delivering the system with help from your vendors’ training team. Please join me next Monday when I discuss preparing your organization for a successful training experience.

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