Dreamforce is a little under a month away and we’re already excited about conversations sure to hit the mark on the future of field service innovation, the Industrial Internet of Things, and connecting global business through the cloud. Our team will be joined at the big show by global business leaders, customers and certified partners, including: Accenture, Appirio, Cloud Sherpas, Jitterbit, Twilio, Drawloop and many more. There are plenty to choose from for sure, but here are 5 experiences during the conference that we think you truly can’t afford to miss:

  1. Salesforce is introducing its first Startup Summit at Dreamforce featuring an impressive list of business and celebrity speakers who have built organizations from the ground up. We’re interested in the ‘Tales from the Front Lines: Building a Killer Sales Team’ session but encourage you to check out the full program. In fact, the entire ServiceMax squad, especially our own VP of Customer Transformation Dave Hart, is into building a sales team that transcends customer success to deliver a complete sand transformative service program for global businesses. The summit promises to be a great opportunity for innovative companies of all sizes to exchange ideas and lessons learned.
  2. On Tuesday, our friends at Cloud Sherpas will present on ‘Lightening the Burden for Users’ to streamline business processes and allow companies to cut down on added manual steps impacting the quality of service. Streamlining processes with the support of innovative technology is a proven way to help companies prevent revenue leakage and make the service process significantly more efficient.
  3. Our certified partner Appirio will be at Dreamforce discussing all things cloud and mobile. We’re keen to see Henry West, VP of Service Products Management at Appirio discuss ‘The Future of Work in the Enterprise.’ This session is an opportunity to hear about and discuss the impact of cloud and mobile platforms on workflows across industry.
  4. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella will deliver a keynote presentation. Enough said.
  5. Finally, a shameless plug for our special event on Tuesday, ‘The Connected Service Experience.” During the program, we’ll showcase how Servicemax helps companies elevate their service infrastructure into a new era of connected products, integrated service software, and outcome-based service offerings. We’ll expand on ways you can leverage field service management technology to boost productivity, efficiency, customer relations across the board. Register here to join us as a VIP guest.

Catch members of the ServiceMax team (Maxperts) anytime throughout Dreamforce at Booth N1120 in the North Expo Hall of San Francisco’s Moscone Center for the business and join us at the W Hotel nearby on Tuesday evening for some fun. Still on the fence about whether or not to attend? We have a free expo pass with your name on it.

Follow @ServiceMax from now throughout Dreamforce for our #ThankaTech series, live updates, streaming video, tips and tricks, and the occasional celebrity sighting. Send any questions/thoughts/comments/tips to us with hashtag #DF15.