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Don’t (Always) Cave to Complaints

Customer satisfaction should be a top priority for anybody in field service, from top executives to new hires. But some customers take advantage of that impulse and try to squeeze freebies and favors out of their service providers. “Customers learn, almost as fast as toddlers, that when they scream they get attention,” writes Donald Stephens, a longtime Xerox customer service engineer. He warns that giving in to those complaints can lead to trouble. More.

Meet the MacGyvers of Field Service

Polar Field Services

Photo: Polar Field Services

Need research equipment trekked across an Arctic glacier? It’s no problem for the staff at Polar Field Services. The company’s technicians handle some of the most extreme service challenges imaginable — all in the name of science (and adventure). More.

3-D Printing: Pipe Dream or Dream Come True?

Field service fleets won’t likely be equipped with 3-D printers in the near term, but experts say the technology will still drastically change how companies manage parts inventory. More.

Drone Submarines: The Latest Field Service Explorers

Photo: Liquid Robotics

Photo: Liquid Robotics

Unmanned aircraft have already made their mark in the energy industry by handling the most dangerous offshore oil deck inspection work. Now, ConocoPhilips is using seafaring drones to collect critical data and cut costs. More.

Streaming Video Takes Field Service By Storm

Technicians’ toolkits are flush with iPads and smartphones capable of streaming video. While most organizations aren’t yet using video to improve first-time fix rates or training, industry expert Sumair Dutta expects that to change — and soon. More.