ServiceMax was recently ranked as one of San Francisco’s Top 100 Places to Work in 2015 by Bay Area News Group for the third time in a row! Our employees want to tell you just why they love working for ServiceMax in this series on the blog. Click here to learn more about the award. 

For over a year now, I’ve been a part of the ServiceMax family as a member of its Marketing team. I came to ServiceMax after my first year at a local community college with very little corporate experience and a desire to get my career started. After hearing some horror stories (ridiculous hours, crazy bosses, mountains of work, the list goes on) about intern experiences elsewhere, I was a little wary of what my own experience would be like.


The marketing team cheering on the SF Giants!

I remember nervously sitting in the office lobby on my first day, worrying if I was overdressed and underprepared. Once I realized that my attire was just fine and that I did indeed have a notebook and extra pens, I breathed a little easier.

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The Marketing Interns: Allison, Jake, and Sam

My initial fears of starting my first internship were quickly ameliorated as I was welcomed into the company by my new colleagues. From the marketing team, to the sales development reps that I sat next to, to pretty much anyone I came across in the break room, people were introducing themselves and welcoming me aboard.

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Summer carnival for our building

Throughout my experience, this feeling of welcoming and belonging never left. I continued to get to know my coworkers more personally during Orange Thursday lunches, where we wear orange and get lunch catered to the office, building events, and even in meetings. At no time did I ever feel like I was “just the intern” who was there to pick up coffee orders or simply do the work that others did not want to do. At ServiceMax, my opinion mattered and I didn’t have to worry about speaking up in meetings or asking questions when I had them. I was given real responsibilities such as managing the blog or our social channels, and projects that I could claim as my own.

I’ve had several reasons to love my job. From the flexibility and freedom to work in a way that was best for me, to the familial vibe the company has and the support everyone has for each other. As I went through the process of applying to universities and figuring out what career path I wanted to choose, I continually received encouragement and support from my colleagues. Whether they were just checking in to see how my current classes were going, giving me feedback on my application essays, or they were passing on tokens of wisdom and stories from their own college days, I appreciated the genuine care that they had for me.

As my internship comes to an end and I move on to school at the University of Southern California, I will always appreciate the valuable experience I’ve had at ServiceMax; from here on out, Thursdays will always be orange to me.

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