ServiceMax was recently ranked as one of San Francisco’s Top 100 Places to Work in 2015 by Bay Area News Group for the third time in a row! Our employees want to tell you just why they love working for ServiceMax in this series on the blog. Click here to learn more about the award. 

ServiceMax has been named one of the top places to work in the Bay Area by Bay Area News Group for the third year in a row. While this is not surprising to any of us working here, it IS an amazing accomplishment for so many years in a row among so many up-and-coming companies in the Bay Area. While everyone in our Pleasanton-based corporate office will vouch for the ‘fun factor’ and ‘feeling good’ vibe in the office, I can attest to the great opportunity it provides to me as a professional working mom. I came to ServiceMax a little over 18 months ago to start their Customer Reference Program from the ground up when they realized ServiceMax’s success was resulting in a dramatic increase with a remarkable showcase of customers who were anticipating continued rapid growth in its customer base. Not a bad place to be, right? I was brought in to help support one of our core values, “Love for our customer, above all else, turn every customer into a raving fan.”

While I welcomed the challenge, I was concerned about any company’s ability to satisfy my admittedly steep expectation of work-life balance. I was a bit hesitant at first since I came from the dot-com ERP world of HR and Financial applications, where I spent years traveling and working 15+hour days and nights.

However, when I weighed the opportunities for this company with the vast market for customers in field service industry, the flexibility of the workplace, and the overall rock star caliber of every ServiceMax employee I met, it became a very easy decision. I was hooked!

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My outdoor home office!

Last week, the New York Times featured an article about young women choosing to build in ‘career breaks’ in their ladder through time. “More Than Their Mothers, Young Women Plan Career Pauses” (Claire Cain Miller) emphasizes how many young professional women are planning career breaks along their career climb to incorporate having and supporting a family. While this theory seems ideal at first, one can only plan so much and then ‘real life’ happens. Sure, I definitely put my career first (at first) to climb up what seemed to be a never-ending ladder to the sky of opportunity during the dot-com era, but after spending 10 years in my 20s and early 30s holding a variety of pre- sales jobs, I was tired of the all too frequent travel, 15 hour days and nonstop pressure. Looking back, I would think nothing of flying back and forth across the country at 9:00pm , or taking a red-eye and starting again the next morning.leaves art

Fast-forward 15 years and boy, have times changed! Two kids with a six-year age gap has let me see where we are going and where we need to be whether it’s spending some extra snuggle time on the couch before bed with them or splashing in the bathtub to now meeting my oldest at the bus, or leading a ‘gallery time’ session with my nine year old.

I’ve appreciated having the choice and chance to work remotely for a bay-area based technology company, providing me the work-balance or more importantly, the ability to easily shift for a more optimal work-life balance when ‘real life’ calls for it.

ServiceMax fully supports working moms and provides great opportunities within the company to do what best suits you and the company. They nurture your development, and the employee review process never feels like an arduous task (i.e. no internal groan when I see a reminder that my development updates are due!). And I get to work with our best of the best customers and help turn them into Raving Fans! What more could a mom want?

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