ServiceMax was recently ranked as one of San Francisco’s Top 100 Places to Work in 2015 by Bay Area News Group for the third time in a row! Our employees want to tell you just why they love working for ServiceMax in this series on the blog. Click here to learn more about the award. 

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I love Vermont. It even has bumper stickers that regularly sell out because we are all such enthusiastic lovers of our Green Mountain State. It felt great to get to know the company culture here at ServiceMax when I joined the team in 2014. We build our teams, our work with our customers, and the whole company culture around a similar raving fan concept. We want each customer to really love us, and we want to love every member of our team. This is not just a nebulous concept, but something built into the foundation of our business. And it works. Just like living in a state with the the most breweries, farmer’s markets, and co-ops per capita works really well for me. (I REALLY LOVERMONT!)

Support from My Dirt Road

I don’t have cell service at my house. Or anywhere on the dirt road we live on. I do receive mobile calls because I use one of those individual cell boosters that hooks up to my Wifi and creates a signal. In some ways, I’m as remote as you can get. But I am on the phone and in video conferences with our customers and our stellar team members every day. I am jetting out to customer conferences and our office every other month. I feel very supported by our Employee Success team, super close to the Customer Success team, and plugged into what our customers are saying and thinking about via our ServiceMax Community. Being remote doesn’t mean I’m isolated. It means that I get to work hard on the diverse and interesting programs I manage here at ServiceMax, while also pursuing the lifestyle that comes with living out here in the boonies. I get to captain my Co-Ed softball team, go camping at Green River Reservoir, skiing at Sugarbush, walking my hyper dog each morning and picking blueberries during my lunch break on the side of the Worcester Mountain Range.
I also get to brainstorm and build programs and communities with some of the most talented minds in the tech industry.

Holding Out for Love

When I joined the ServiceMax team I realized what it means to build a team based on love means. ServiceMax Employee Success has a saying that came straight from our CEO, Dave Yarnold: Don’t hire anyone unless you love them. For the job candidate, it means A LOT of interviews. I spoke to more than a half dozen people from across the business, over the course of 2 weeks. I didn’t know this at the time, but each person I met had to vouch for me at the highest level. Great isn’t good enough. For each and every candidate to join the ServiceMax team; you need to love them.
What does this mean for our teams? This means that each stakeholder gets a chance to talk to the candidate, to spitball ideas with them, talk about goals, passions, priorities, and more. It means that we have a uniquely close and collaborative team that is supportive, engaged, and complementary. It’s also a lot of fun.


So what can I say about working at ServiceMax?
In a nutshell:
  • They are very supportive of remote workers and a great work/life balance.
  • We are building up an awesome group of great talent with a truly collaborative team spirit.
  • Best of all, I can love working at ServiceMax and keep up my lifelong romance with Vermont.

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