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The Internet of Things Will Upend Field Service — Are You Ready?

Internet of Things, IoTBefore long, every piece of equipment that technicians are asked to fix could be connected to the Internet — and to one another. It’s all part of the coming Internet of Things (IoT) revolution that will have a big impact on field service. Harvard Business School’s Michael Porter identifies four ways the IoT will force service leaders to adapt. More.

Think Twice Before Firing Off That Angry Text

There’s a lot of truth to the old maxim, “It can take years to create a loyal customer, but only an instant to lose him.” Rude, or even just sloppy, communication is an easy way to turn a loyal customer into a former customer. Veteran Xerox technician Donald B. Stephens pleads with service pros to communicate a little more professionally — and admits to a few personal communication mishaps during his 30-year career. More.

Field Service Should Be A CFOs Best Friend

As service organizations drive more revenue, CFOs and other financial execs are starting to take notice. Liftech CFO Mike Vaughan sees the company’s service division as both an important differentiator and a wellspring of revenue. A healthy and profitable field service organization is every CFO’s dream come true. More.

Field Service Gets Its (Overdue) Respect at Maximize 2015

Field service stole the show at ServiceMax’s recent Maximize 2015 event in San Francisco. As the official media sponsor, the Field Service Digital team was on hand to hear how leaders from GE Software, Coca-Cola Enterprises, McKinley Equipment and more are competing in the modern service industry. More.

The Apple Watch Is Here, But Should Field Service Care?

Two of Apple’s latest gadgets, the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch, could transform how service techs do their jobs. That is, if managers can get past the sticker shock. More.