Editor’s Note: This is the second edition of our “In Case You Missed It” series, a monthly look back at Field Service Digital’s most popular stories.

First-Time Fix Rate Tops the Need-to-Know Metrics List

With so many numbers flying around, how are service executives to know which ones truly matter (and which they can ignore)? Our five-part “Power Metrics” series defines the most important metrics, and explains how each can have a huge impact on a business. The humble first-time fix rate takes top billing. More.

The Smart Glasses Revolution Has Just Begun

Do you think the smart glasses fad has finally passed? Think again. Field service and manufacturing were two bright spots for Google Glass and its ilk. As field techs’ toolkits get high tech, it’s only a matter of time before smart glasses are standard fare, says APX Labs’ Eric Johnsen, who previously ran Google’s Glass at Work program. More.

Introducing … Field Service Digital University!

It’s no small feat to build, staff and manage a modern field service organization. But we’ve got you covered with FSD University, a collection of courses and actionable how to’s on strategy, leadership and the thorny management issues service execs face every day.

Culture, Leadership Critical to Knowledge Management

There’s no doubt about it: Knowledge management is a hot topic these days. Every service leader’s trying to do it, but few are doing it well. Expert John Custy weighs in on where (and why) companies fall short, reminding us that the goal isn’t to have the most articles or beautiful prose in the knowledge base. Nope. The goal is to help people do their jobs well. More.

Extreme Field Service Atop 500-Foot Wireless Towers

Ever wondered how you’re able to stream that movie trailer or YouTube clip on your phone? It happens thanks, in no small part, to the daredevil technicians who scale wireless towers to keep our mobile data flowing. Read what it takes to keep them trained and safe — and check out the dizzying video below. More.