Seven Years ago Servicemax founders had the vision to create an application that would transform the way customers deliver field service. They chose the platform for its reliability, security and scalability and won the Dreamforce Hackathon enabling them to launch ServiceMax. The AppExchange was smaller then and a fledgling marketplace for third-party applications run on the platform.

Now a marketplace of 2600+ apps the app exchange covers every imaginable extension of the platform. Customers can leverage their platform without the expense, risk and complexity of building and supporting customizations to the their org. Don’t get me wrong – configuring work flows and customizing your org to meet your business needs is a valuable function of But when it comes to things like CPQ (Apttus), applicant tracking systems (Jobscience) or especially field service (ServiceMax) – customizing these complex business processes is going to cost you a lot of money. Servicemax has spent 7 years and thousands of man hours building out our field service application. With input from enterprise customers like Tyco and Pitney Bowes and smaller customers like Luminex and McKinley Equipment, ServiceMax is constantly (3x per year) updating and improving our application. Supporting an application like Servicemax takes a team of support personnel, professional services consultants, product management and engineering teams – all focused on one thing – delivering flawless field service. AppExchange and the platform has always given us the ability to focus on these functions, and ultimately, on our customers’ success.

ServiceMax has hundreds of customers that have come to us from the AppExchange. Congratulations to for hitting the 3 millionth download and enabling our joint customers to extend the platform with quality applications that save customers time and money. Why build it when you can buy it on the AppExchange?