Today we’re announcing the expansion of the ServiceMax Community, our revamped forum dedicated to helping our customers and field service professionals succeed. At ServiceMax, we value frequent interaction and open conversation with experts in the industry, with our customers and beyond! We know how important it is to hear the voices of accomplished field service professionals so we can continually deliver a field-ready product for a mobile workforce. Today, we are delighted to expand our community platform to all field service professionals globally. For the greater field service industry, we have also launched areas to promote and share best practices and thought leadership.

What’s New and Open To Everyone?

We are delighted to give our most active community members a chance to share their field service expertise in the Field Service Network. Experts from across our customers, partners, and employees will have a chance to show off lessons learned from their innovative work, and provide nuggets of best practices, insights, and recommendations to the wider world of field service.  They will join guest users to share stories from their work in field service, and weigh in on the future of the industry.

Additionally, contributors and guests can join a conversation in Field Service Vision about the growing and fading trends in the field service industry.  We’ll be discussing the latest innovations and technology being used and what it means for your field service team.  Hot topics include how change management, training, outreach, communication and planning makes your business successful and your customers delighted. Anyone in the world can sign up to comment on the blog posts and join the conversation.

A Day in the Life of a Field Service Expert

Contributors of Maxpert Voice hail from across the extended ServiceMax Community. Our customers can share their advice, anecdotes, and experiences.  Conversations include recruiting great teams, networking with others in the industry, instilling and adopting great process, and identifying and implementing new technology to lead their teams to field service success. These personal, sometimes funny, and always honest accounts come from superstars across our professional services, customer success, and support teams.

Anyone Can Network and Connect

When we decided to build out these community assets, we were determined to open the doors to anyone with a keen interest in field service — ServiceMax customer or not! Guest members have an opportunity to build an invaluable network of experts, while sharing their own expertise and making connections.  In this community we’re all working towards mutual success in field service. Guest members can strike up a conversation with people who have relatable experiences, whether that be delivering field service in the same region, a similar industry, or the same passion and excitement. You can learn a lot from what your peers are up to, and we want to make having those conversations and creating those connections as easy as possible.

Members-Only: Even More for Our Customers

We continue to see this community as a central hub for all things related to customer success. Our community continues to be a great spot for customers to get acquainted and network with each other, ask their peers questions, and troubleshoot. For our customer base, the community opens up a wide range of members-only exclusive benefits. Some of the most powerful benefits are the in depth product discussions in our Network and Share area. In the community, customers can share their feedback and discuss any issues they’re having with our products and services. We commit to transparency and timely updates about any known issues.  We’ll also use this space to ask for volunteers for beta groups as we gear up to release new products.

Find Educational Content and Resources

We want the ServiceMax Community to be an easy to access information hub. From the latest and greatest training videos to schedules for local workshops and training sessions, all community members are able to access Education resources they’ll need to learn more about ServiceMax solutions.

We really do listen to our customers’ feedback and value their opinions  Ultimately this is what influences the programs we put forth and the information we share with our customers. Building and sharing this new community with you is an exciting step towards improving our products and enhancing your experience.  We’re thrilled to be able to share it with you today.

I speak more about this in the community: Our Path (And Yours) Toward Customer Centricity. Join me there now and join the conversation!