With today’s fast-paced news cycle, it’s difficult to stay on top of every field service story. We get it. To help keep you up to speed, we’re recapping our most popular stories every month in a new series, “In Case You Missed It.”

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What Field Service Leaders Need to Know about Servitization

Today, manufacturers recognize that simply building quality products isn’t enough to keep customers satisfied. Customers want service, and manufacturers are happy to oblige with advanced service contracts that open new revenue sources. Read why service leaders are embracing the servitization trend. More.

GE Preps Drones for Field Duty

GE’s recent investment in commercial drone company Airware suggests the emerging technology will soon play a major role in field service and maintenance. And GE’s not the only one seriously considering drones — venture capital investments in drone startups doubled in 2014 compared to the year prior. More.

A Novel Approach to Retention: Treat Employees Like Small Biz Owners

A looming talent shortage is an ongoing concern for field service leaders, who must also focus on attracting and retaining strong talent. Fostering an entrepreneurial culture among your top performers is one strategy to keep them around. More.

Fighter Jets & 3D Printing

The aviation industry is testing the limits of 3D printing. Early successes at GE, Boeing and BAE Systems show the exciting new technology’s potential in field service. More.

5 Curveball Interview Questions

Field service interviews typically consist of boilerplate questions that assess a candidate’s technical aptitude and customer service skills. But to see how fast your interviewees can think on their toes, consider one of these more offbeat questions. More.

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