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GE is facing off against United Technologies and Honeywell to win a coveted government contract building next-generation helicopter engines for the U.S. military’s fleet. The initial contract is valued at $4.5 billion, but ancillary revenue from spare parts and service contracts on those engines could double or even triple the bill.

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Will Comcast Ever Learn?

Earlier this year, the company schooled us in customer service no-nos when audio leaked of a customer service rep refusing to cancel a customer’s service. The recording went viral, and Comcast swore it’d change. It seems one employee didn’t listen. After recently canceling the family’s cable service, a customer opened his bill and noticed his first name changed to “Asshole.”

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In Data, GE Sees Dollar Signs

Speaking of GE, the manufacturing giant is increasingly looking to service as a revenue source across its divisions. To support that effort, GE has invested $1 billion in a software team to deal with the loads of data that the company’s intelligent machines produce. That data could be sold back to customers as services such as analytics and maintenance.

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U.S. Blizzard Scrambles Techs

This week’s blizzard — and the preparations that preceded it — gave city and state employees across the Northeast a taste for field service. They rushed to shut down highways and public transportation in New York City, which escaped largely unscathed. New England bore the brunt of the storm, leaving workers to repair power lines and plow streets to get life back to normal.

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Tips to Retain Top Talent

Field service managers know their people, not their products, are the company’s greatest asset. But how do you keep superstar techs from leaving for greener pastures? (Hint: more money doesn’t always work.)

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