We don’t live in a single application, single platform, single device world. As much as Apple has shown the value of controlling the entire hardware and software and peripheral experience, I’m writing this in Microsoft Word, looking at my Dell Monitor and using my Logitech mouse all connected to my Apple MacBook. Integration is not an option – it is an expectation for anybody using technology and especially anybody implementing software applications to run their business. ServiceMax is no different.

We know that ServiceMax needs to talk to other software systems, so ServiceMax was built for integration. It’s also something we (and our partners) know a ton about, no matter what system it is being integrated with.

Every software application is built on some kind of platform. I’m not going to get into technical detail with what the platform provides, but its things like permissions, user profiles, how data is stored, maybe workflow and reporting as well. ServiceMax is built on the Salesforce platform. Salesforce is the leading cloud-based business application platform. This allows ServiceMax to focus on building great applications for Field Service organizations. Because we “sit” on the Salesforce platform, there is a natural level of integration. In fact, you can think of ServiceMax as pre-integrated or ‘built-in’ to the Salesforce platform.

But businesses don’t run on one platform or one suite of products. It’s never that simple. Every business application lives in a multi-application, multi-platform world. And most of the time, integrating one or more of these applications provides greater value to the business. This fact is not lost on enterprise application providers. There are a variety of approaches for application integration that range from vendor-specific APIs to batch import/export processes. There are also middleware products that help with the inevitable data mapping that is required between and across applications.

At ServiceMax, we have implemented over 400 customers using our Field Service application and nearly all of those involve some level of integration using a variety of integration approaches. So if you ever wonder if ServiceMax has ever integrated with a homegrown legacy platform or a new cloud-based app or an on-premise ERP, the answer is most likely ‘yes’. Want to see if we have integrated with your systems?

Just ask!

Randy Reynolds is the VP of product marketing at ServiceMax