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How Will The Industry Change As Field Service Workers Age?

“As technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace these sectors offers the opportunity to develop and exploit emerging technologies such as new green technologies or advanced manufacturing that don’t just hold the key to financial security but also potentially outline the route to more prosperous economies and even societies on a global scale. A bold statement? Perhaps, but one that is certainly achievable given the rate of advancement we are seeing in all levels of technology today. However, the utopian future that such technology promises could well be stillborn unless we address the issue of an aging workforce.” (via Field Service News)

Technical Tracking Could Lead to Higher Customer Satisfaction

“Research company Software Advice’s 2014 IndustryView report “Customer Preferences for Residential Services Software” found 58 percent of those surveyed say they would be more likely to hire a residential services company if the company used technician-tracking technology. An appealing feature of the technology is providing customers with a more specific arrival time, rather than a vague window of time such as “sometime between noon and 4 p.m.” (via Business Solutions)

U.S. Census Takers Go High-Tech

“As part of the modernization effort, you may be asked to fill out your census form on the Internet instead of sending it through the mail. If you’re worried that this means the end for old-school census takers who go door to door gathering info, don’t fret. We’ll still have census takers — they’ll just use smartphones to complete their counts, instead of clipboards and paper.” (via PC Mag)

Could Healthcare Become a Field Service?

“Telehealth is a rapidly expanding field that can provide health care and medical advice at a distance using technology. Doctors and health care professionals can be on call at all times and ready to answer patient questions, diagnose illnesses or recommend in-person treatment — all while the patient is in a more convenient location.” (via Government Technology)

Comcast CEO: “We’re Prioritizing Customer Service”

“We expect that customer service will soon be one of our best products,” [Comcast CEO Neil] Smit concluded  optimistically [at this week’s Computer Electronics Show in Las Vegas], while we all rolled our eyes.” (Via Consumerist)


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