Field management software was created with field techs and their managers in mind, but other industries are grasping hold of its benefits, as well. From having data in one place to being able to track equipment and assets to easing communications among stakeholders, unlikely users are finding that with field software they have better business performance and happier customers.

Here are three industries that are using field software to their advantage:

Dog Walking

Nearly 22,000 people are employed in the dog walking industry. Dog owners want to make sure that the people they hire are taking Fido for two walks a day and to the dog park to socialize. GPS technology in field service software lets pet owners watch where the dog sitter is headed. To document the day, dog walkers can take photos and send notes about a walk or interactions with other dogs. While some dog walkers use field software, a handful of companies such as Swifto, BettaWalka and MapMyDogWalk are catching on that there is a market for dog-walking-only technologies.

Swifto, an app that notifies dog owners when their pet is being walked, has many of the same features as field software such as GPS and note-taking capabilities. Mohammed Ullah, CEO of Swifto, told Boston Magazine, “What happens is, as soon as [the walkers] start a walk, it shows up on the application, and it will track them on a live map. And the owner, from work, can see on their phone or on their computer the walk as its occurring.”

Gas Stations

Big oil and gas chains have many locations to keep track of. As such, are turning to field management software to track, analyze and synchronize data about service levels, quality control and customer satisfaction. With all of the data in one easy-to-use platform, the C-suite, managers and on-site employees can access the same real-time information and address problems before they arise. One such company, GE Oil & Gas, uses mobile technology to minimize the amount of data input that techs do, allowing employees to perform other important tasks.

Cable Providers

Similar to gas stations, cable providers have information from many sources that they need to aggregate in one place. With thousands of customer service representatives visiting customers every day — an innately mobile job — field technology with GPS location and data input makes documenting each customer interaction easy with geo-tagged photos and information about the service job.

Each of these industries, while not related to field service, use field management software for its GPS technology and ability to input and sync an immense amount of data. For employees that are dispersed across the country, cloud-based field technology makes sense. Yet as new technology players address the need for industry-specific apps and software, field software may be replaced by software that is tailored to the user.