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Liz Carter is the Director of Field Marketing at ServiceMax

I know it can be hard to justify time away from the office, flights, hotel rooms, and even the toll that travel takes on your personal life.  But there are times where the benefits certainly outweigh the costs. With events like MaxLive – the latest series of Field Service events put on by ServiceMax, you can bet there will be an immediate return on your investment of time and money. And here’s why:

1. MaxLive is “FREE”!
Ok, so I know that nothing is ever free. And as I stated before there’s time, travel, etc. that goes into participating in an event. But at least for this series of events, the day of content is free to attend. Of course, if you are a customer you can upgrade your pass and add on training for admins or execs. But there is sure to be a lot of content for you to take advantage of at no cost.

2. We are bringing in a team of MaxPerts (ServiceMax experts in product, professional services and customer success)
You can make an appointment to speak directly with a ServiceMax employee expert concerning a specific topic, product feature, report, or pretty much anything you want help with. Don’t miss the opportunity to get face-to-face with someone from ServiceMax and ask your burning questions. So many things happen online, in email, over the phone ― but as field service industry people, we know that face-to-face can certainly up the ante.

3. Hear it directly from our customers!
ServiceMax has reached out to our customers to uncover real life stories of field service organizations that are changing how they do business and impacting the bottom line. Hear from company’s like BD Diagnostics, Tyco, Pitney Bowes, Merck Millipore and more.

4. Learn new tips, tricks and best practices
We know that there are lots of focus areas to your business: contracts, warranties, scheduling, etc. Our team of experts surveyed ServiceMax customers on what topics were most interesting to them. We’ve crafted sessions with these results in mind: Driving Revenue through Contracts; Making the move to Mobile; Reports, Dashboards and Analytics. Check out the agenda for a list of all the sessions.

5. Build your network!
We think building community within the field service industry is extremely important. We all learn best from our peers that are doing similar things to us in similar industries. We’ve also put together a group of our trusted partners who work with companies like yours every day.

As you can see, these events are crafted to be valuable to you and your organization. Visit the MaxLive site for your region and register for today!