In the wake of Apple’s announcements Tuesday, it seems inevitable that wearable devices — and the augmented reality applications that work along side them — are ready for take off. Companies like SAP and Salesforce have caught the wave and are beefing up already growing support for enterprise applications for wearable devices.

“There are millions of deskless workers who need this technology,” Brent Blum of management firm Accenture PLC told the Wall Street Journal.

Here’s a look at what the two companies recently released, targeting the “deskless” service tech with its latest improvements:

SAP and Augmented Reality

German software company SAP sees the benefits of wearables in the field, creating two new enterprise applications with technicians in mind. SAP’s new offerings: AR Warehouse Picker and AR Service Technician. Compatible with Google Glass and Android Wear, Warehouse Picker provides automated routing, QR powered lists to ensure workers don’t forget specific parts, and a gamified aspect that can track delivery times of different technicians. Service Technician aids techs in making service calls, highlighting specific issues on-site when techs arrive by pulling from building schematics, for example. According to ComputerWorld, the applications will be available in Google Pay in October.

“Both apps give mobile users added content and contextual elements to complete their jobs better,” said Josh Waddell, vice president of the mobile innovation center at SAP, told ComputerWorld. Adds Devices to Wear Platform

In June, Salesforce bet on the enterprise — not the consumer — for wearables when it released its application platform Wear. In recent weeks, the platform has added a number of wearable devices that can connect with its platform including virtual reality headset Oculus Rift and 3D smartglasses Meta Glasses.

“The explosive growth of Salesforce Wear has validated the need for a unified platform to bring together software companies, wearable device manufacturers and developers wanting to create apps that will enable companies to connect with customers in entirely new ways,” Salesforce’s Daniel Debow told VentureBeat.

Technology and service seem to go hand-in-hand when it comes to in-the-field work, as accessibility to the correct information can up productivity and increase customer satisfaction.


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