For field techs, picking out their clothes for a day on the job probably isn’t top of mind. But as frontline workers interacting with customers, they’re often the face of the company. If field techs arrive in a rusty, unidentifiable van and they’re not wearing a uniform, customers might be skeptical — never a good to start a relationship.

“Beside affecting the reputation of a company, a field tech’s appearance can create trust and reassurance among customers that the person at their door is the tech they’re expecting,” Courtney Buchanan writes on customer service expert Shep Hyken’s blog. Buchanan shares four tips for motivating employees to maintain a sharp, trustworthy image in the field.

  1. Educate about the importance of appearance. When techs realize how their appearance relates to the company, they’ll pay more attention to it.
  2. Provide multiple uniforms. One uniform probably won’t cut it for every situation. Give techs multiple options so they’ll never be uncomfortable on the job.
  3. Be clear about expectations. Can tattoos be visible? Don’t leave any room for doubt when it comes to what is and isn’t acceptable.
  4. Listen to tech feedback. If techs are uncomfortable in an itchy jacket, for instance, they’ll be less likely to wear their company approved gear. Include their input and preferences to encourage adoption of policies.

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