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When you ask the average consumer what they know about field service they often cite the Comcast guy and something about a 4-hour window where they wait at home and hope he shows up. While an on-time arrival certainly is better than a late arrival, most field service organizations would argue that the on-time arrival is certainly nice to have, but if the technician has to come out a second time to resolve an issue — and make the customer wait AGAIN — any goodwill from that on-time arrival is gone.

So, scheduling alone isn’t enough — getting the problem solved the first time is where the customer is truly won or lost.

ServiceMax recently worked together with Aberdeen Research to analyze this concept an show why field service organizations need to focus more on work order resolution and driving field service revenue instead of putting all their focus on just scheduling. It’s a holistic approach that will get you to field service nirvana.

To read the full Aberdeen report, click the link below!

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Jeremy Frank is the director of content marketing at ServiceMax