It’s the third day of the Field Service Europe conference here in Amsterdam and our attendees have already gotten some best of breed tips that they will certainly take back to their offices to improve their field service teams. One of the biggest buzzwords we’ve seen this week has been “proactivity,” for their field force, unsurprisingly. But the ways in which organizations are achieving this in the industry is different.

At the beginning of a panel on “Effective Planning Prior to Service Dispatch,” featuring executives from Abbott & Kinetic Concepts, the two panelists were asked to answer:

  • How do you effectively communicate throughout your organization both internally and externally with your customers?
  • Share strategies on improving workforce scheduling?
  • Leveraging technology to enable effective scheduling and further your service capabilities?
  • How do you effectively measure and what key performance indicators do you track when it comes to dispatching if time allows?

Machine to machine and remote diagnostics are leading the charge in the plight for proactivity. The agreement seemed to be that both are the key to effective planning in service dispatch.

“The customer calls, and the field service techs are expected to be there no matter what. Remote diagnostics is the only way to achieve that,” said Kiran Ganji, Program Manager, Remote Services at Abbott. “We have a goal to keep 95% of the time connected. The customer has realized this value, and we’re making sure that they get better service, faster service. It’s a continuous process, it’s a slope, but we are continually working towards that.”

The panel discussed ways in which they have connected their systems to better deliver on customer expectations.

“We’re continually moving towards customer service, said Chris Lynch, VP of Global Service from Kinetic Concepts. “ We need to focus on the voice of the systems, the voice of the dispatch team, but most importantly the voice of the customer.”

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