Keep customers coming back again and again for new products.

Your company brand is a valuable asset. The reputation of your brand depends on the quality of products and the services provided. The Nordstrom brand is famous for all of the anecdotal stories about their exceptional customer service. Service is key to Nordstrom’s reputation and brand and, over the years, has created fierce customer loyalty.

Brands enable consumers to form expectations about a company. Brand value is all around us every day and contributes to our choices in products. Take Tylenol vs. a store’s generic brand: Generally, we perceive the Tylenol brand to have more value and thus command a higher price even though the drug formulation may be identical to the generic. We actually pay more for a brand with a good reputation. And customers’ paying more translates into better margins for the business.

The great brand reputations of the world are closely guarded by their owners. They understand that branding is not only about getting current customers to continue to choose you over the competition. It is also about getting your prospects to see you as the company that provides the best solution to their problem. To build this kind of brand recognition and respect takes time and focused effort. Your reputation for fast, efficient, and high-quality service will win many customers and keep them coming back over many years.

Your brand resides within the hearts and minds of existing and prospective customers. It is the sum total of their experiences with your company whether through direct experience, word-of-mouth referrals, or advertising. Positive branding regarding field service will not only affect initial product purchases by your customer, but it will also keep customers coming back again and again for new products in the future.

Excerpted exclusively for SmartVan from the new book, 42 Rules for Superior Field Service, by Rosemary Coates and Jim Reily.