Field service managers are always looking for ways to make their techs more efficient and productive. While reducing driving time from one job to the next and having the right parts inventory on hand can help, an oft-overlooked factor is organization.

While organization often falls to the wayside, it’s a simple way to improve field service performance. An unorganized van can cost a company valuable time, cause wear and tear to parts and equipment, and damage a service’s reputation, writes Joel A. Levy at Construction Digital.

Explains Levy: “Organization saves times, lowers stress, increases efficiency levels, and creates a safe work environment. Instead of fumbling for a tool that you need, wouldn’t it be great if you could find that tool quickly and easily? Imagine your ideal workspace and create a solution for yourself.”

Having the right accessories can make getting organized as simple as 1-2-3. Adrian Steel, a van equipment manufacturer, recommends three different tools:

  • Ladder racks lower the ladder down to you to ease the weight of lifting a ladder up and down and prevent the ladder from shifting while in transit.
  • Bulkheads and partitions keep parts and equipment stable while driving, eliminating the worry of shifting cargo when making turns and braking.
  • Van shelving and storage makes tools and parts easy to find and allows techs to compartmentalize and maximize the storage space available.

“Remember, your work vehicle takes a beating right along with you,” says Levy. “Above all, for a construction worker, it is more than just an excellent way to organize and secure a cargo van or truck; it is an investment that improves productivity, safety, and reputation.”

h/t: Construction Digital