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The HVAC industry is highly reliant on mobile efficiency. Since most of the work occurs in the field, workers need advanced tools to maintain professionalism and efficiency.

To meet this need, app developers have come up with all sorts of mobile solutions for everything from dispatching to mobile inventory management. But not all HVAC service and troubleshooting apps are created equal. Research firm Software Advice culled through hundreds to identify their favorite Android and Apple iOS apps for HVAC teams. Their analysts compared ratings, reviews, social shares, downloads, and functionality. From refrigeration to AC, and more, these are their 3 best HVAC service and troubleshooting mobile apps.


Operating SystemAndroidiOS

Ratings: 4.5 stars with 219 ratings (Android), 3 stars with 5 ratings (iOS)

KoolApp was built specifically for HVAC installers, distributors, and HVAC equipment producers. The application enables users to use their smartphone as a quick pressure-to-temperature converter for more than 48 refrigerants. The technology uses Antoine equations to produce both dew- and bubble-points for refrigerants with glide. The interface is simply, but highly functional.

Air Lite Psychrometric Calcs

Operating SystemAndroid

Ratings: 4.5 stars with 70 ratings

Air Lite Psychrometric Calcs is basically an all-in-one calculator for HVAC engineers, designers, technicians and maintenance personnel. The application calculates wet bulb temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, vapor pressure and much more. The user screens are easy to use with simple lists and fill boxes. Calculations are returned fast and are easily scanable.

HVAC Buddy

Operating SystemAndroidiOS

Ratings: 4.5 stars with 139 ratings

This application is perfect for the diagnosis stage of any repair with tabs for leaks, overcharge, contaminants and more. It quickly determines the proper refrigerant charge for more than 73 options including Freon and Puron. HVAC Buddy contains generic charts for target Superheat and Subcool as well as pressure-temperature tables.

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