What single word describes the biggest challenge facing field service today? That was the question posed in LinkedIn’s Field Service Society group recently. Not surprisingly, it solicited a range of response.

Among the replies: Travel, gas, technology, customers, compliance, utilization, and adaptation.

The word that got the most attention, however, was respect. “Respect … from within the organization … particularly senior execs,” wrote Mark Keller, general manager of global service at Amatek. “Oh they all say ‘service is our most important asset,’ or similar type statements … but in the end, the companies who dominate their industries backup that talk with internal equality between sales and service, and all other departments.”

We’ve written about the case for service over sales, and highlighted one company that forwent its sales team altogether. But is respect what’s holding this model back? Do you see a lack of respect in your organization? Is it a problem in the field service industry and how can it be changed?

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