One of the biggest trends we’ve seen across field service sectors the past several years is the transformation of the field technician into an important part of the sales team.

With companies shrinking overall budgets, its now more important than ever for techs to help close deals and up-sell or cross-sell new products from the field.

Even without overtly selling anything, technicians are already an important part of a customer’s — or company’s — decision to make a purchase from you. When field service techs provide top-notch customer service, by performing work in a timely, friendly, and helpful manner, the impression they make on a customer is a deep one, indeed.

So that’s Step 1. But when it comes time to up the ante and get people to sign the dotted line, the truth is that few technicians are really trained in closing sales — and many may not be comfortable with it at all.

We spotted a great list from our friends at Contracting Business the other day, written by HVAC expert Charlie Greer, which we’ve excerpted below. Click the link at the bottom to see the article in full — and if you’ve got any other tips for getting techs to sell, please leave them in the comments below, and soon we can turn the Top 10 Tips into the Top 20.

Article excerpted from Contracting Business with permission. Read the article in full here.

10. Say as Little as Possible

You were given two ears and one mouth, so use them in that proportion.

Say only enough to make the sale. Do not say anything you can make the sale without saying.

People are always stating that people buy from people they like. That’s debatable, but if you want people to like you, play the strong, silent type. People like good listeners.

On the other hand, many people (such as your prospective customers) tend to be poor listeners. When you talk too much, they stop listening.

9. Be an Active Listener

You have to do more than just listen. You have make sure prospects know you are listening. You do this buy not doing anything other than standing and listening while others speak to you, then repeating back to them what they just said.

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