Your boss probably has a Tumblr blog. And your mom has a Facebook account. And in all likelihood, your kids are on a bunch of social networks you we don’t even know about yet.

So should it be any wonder that your work van could have a Twitter account?

PoolCar, an Australian fleet management software provider, are looking into making just that happen: By plugging their Android-based device into fleet vehicles, they say their software could potentially direct your van or truck to actually send a Tweet out, complete with hash-tags and everything, when it detects that the van requires service.

The Tweeting van isn’t yet a reality; although at this point it’s starting to sound like a surprisingly reasonable proposition.

PoolCar’s software engineers (which it refers to as the “pit crew”), say they’re “tinkering” with ways to make your van also Tweet out its location, speed, and CO2 output, all in real time.

“It’s all part of our Fleet Analytics platform,” Kurt Lingohr, the company’s founder, said in a press release. “We’re grabbing the fleet software market by when nuts and giving them a good twist … ”

Further, the Twitter-enabled devices may also be able to Tweet drivers warnings about traffic en route to the next job that they could read on an in-dash screen, or send directions to the nearest gas station when you’re running low.

Just keep an eye on what else they start Tweeting.

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