Is Field Service the Perfect Market for those Google Goggles?Before we even get into the main thesis here, there’s a WHOLE lot of couching to do, so let’s just get it out of the way right up front. First, they’re only a prototype; the Internet is ripping them to shreds; they look pretty dorky anyway; they’re being aimed at the mass market, not the enterprise; and at this point, this is pretty much just speculation.

But … could those Google Goggles make some sense for field service orgs?

Business Insider‘s Jay Yarow tossed that idea out there late last week, stoking our imagination. Quoting one of his online commenters, he wrote (and forgive the Internet-ese grammar):

“For the record. I am working in environment where those kinds of glasses would extremely useful. If our field technicians have real-time access to maps of underground lines, pipes, electrical cables and tech this will prevent a lot of accidents, it will saves lifes and it will save millions of dollars per year.”

Use your imagination here a little. Imagine looking at a complicated repair and having your computer glasses superimpose instructions over your field of vision. Or imagine having directions to a job piped right into your eyeballs. We wrote in the past about how indoor mapping could be intriguing for field service techs. Google goggles would take that to the next level.

It’s all very sci-fi (the Terminator had these, right?) and fun to think about. Can you imagine other scenarios field service techs could use Google’s goggles?

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