As this week winds down, so too does the ServiceMax kick-off for our new fiscal year. The entire U.S. based crew and even some of the Bangalore office all-stars gathered in Sonoma for a week of new ideas, team-building and plotting world domination. Well, at least field service domination, we’ll start there.

I think it’s safe to say that we all left feeling inspired and excited about the present and future of ServiceMax, and it was obvious that we all truly embody the theme for the week: Blazing a New Way. We’re reinventing an industry and, as our customer speaker Kevin Rusin of McKinley Equipment said, we’re transforming the way companies do business.

In his talk, I think Kevin summed it up best:

“Every single person that I’ve talked to at ServiceMax has been amazing. They love who they work for, they love the company and it shows in their actions. You’re changing an industry, you’re changing the world.”

Thanks Kevin, we couldn’t agree more or have said it better ourselves.

Here are a few photos from our amazing week.

Kevin Rusin, CFO of McKinley Equipment, presenting to the company Getting Ready for the ServiceMax Chili Cook-Off! Not the winner, but certainly gets some style points Sales and marketing room