The North American International Auto Show, which is wrapping up Jan. 22, has certainly taken on a green tint, as automakers are proudly featuring their concept hybrid and electric vehicles. We know green tech is important to most fleet vehicle owners, so we rounded up some interesting news tidbits on all things green coming out of Detroit. Check out this week’s headlines:

Vito E-Cell Vans Cover 650,000 km in Customer Use

Financial Channel: Mercedes-Benz’s Vito E-Cell, the first van fitted with an electric drive system, is proving itself to be efficient and practical after months of testing in Germany with more than 650,000 kilometers covered. These emissions-free vehicles could hit the U.S. soon.

Biodiesel Production Reaching Record Levels

Fleet Owner: 2011 was a record year for biodiesel production, setting the stage for biodiesel to replace over 1 billion gallons of petroleum diesel in 2012. With greenhouse gas emission reductions of 57 to 86 percent, biodiesel continues to grow as a greener fuel alternative.

PG&E Joins VIA Motors in Unveiling Plug-in Hybrid Truck

Green Fleet Magazine: PG&E and VIA debuted an extended range electric pick-up at the Auto Show this week. The two partnered in 2008 to design the truck, which runs the first 40 miles solely on electric.

The State of Electric Vehicles in 2012

EcoGeek: All major car makers had some kind of hybrid or electric vehicle at the Detroit Auto Show. Prices will fall and there are still some bugs that need to be fixed, but what else does 2012 have in store for the green fleet?

First Privately Owned Electric Vehicle Charger Opened

Bdaily: The first privately owned DC charging station opened to electric vehicles Wednesday in Nottinghamshire, England. The station’s home, RCS, will use it to charge their fleet of sales and delivery vehicles.

Improving Bad Driving Habits Can Save Fuel For Military

Nat’l. Defense Magazine: Increasing fuel-efficiency takes changes big and small, as the Department of Defense is finding out. Drivers’ education, selective hardware changes, and good driving are all key in saving money and fuel.

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