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As we begin the New Year we can perhaps look back on 2011 as the true first year of enterprise mobility. After many years of false starts and several roller coaster years of enterprise IT consumerization that culminated in 2011 with the rise of a new acronym — BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device — it is now clear that enterprises are moving quickly to both adopt mobility as the new strategic way forward, and to adapt to the numerous ways that mobility creates opportunities for enterprises to unleash new ways of doing business.

New ways of doing business in a mobile world means understanding the fast-paced, always-on, always-connected nature of the world we now live in. Most businesses now anticipate the ability of partners and customers to react quickly to whatever may be happening at any point within any business process. Customers and partners now expect any company they are doing business with to be able to react to any given situation immediately.

The more progressive companies, in fact, don’t react — rather they make use of mobility to allow themselves to proactively participate and to act as the change agents that are causing reactions from customers, consumers, partners and competitors. Progressive, mobile-oriented companies are now leading the business world; those that are late to the mobile game in 2012 are truly late to the game – they can be considered laggards at this point in time.

Given the intense state of mobility that now exists within the enterprise, Mobile Enterprise Magazine decided to conduct some research and take a look at what business processes companies have spent their time and money mobilizing during the period up to and including 2011, and what enterprises are most likely to find themselves mobilizing in 2012 and in the years immediately following. Our report on the top ten mobile applications in the enterprise is the result of that research, which included both qualitative discussions with a number of different companies, and quantitative research based on a survey we conducted (details of the survey are available at the end of this report).

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