As we (and, to be fair, everyone else) boldly predicted, Nissan indeed unveiled a concept electric version of its NV200 multi-use van Monday at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Nissan hasn’t yet indicated when it will begin mass production of the van, saying only in a press release that it’s in “near-future production.” That said, businesses such as the Japan Post Service and FedEx in London have already begun testing the e-NV200 as part of their fleets.

The e-NV200 borrows heavily from the all-electric Nissan Leaf, giving the van a comparable range of about 73 miles per full charge, according to’s Joe Bruzek. Sufficient driving range will be critical if electric vans, such as the e-NV200, are to take off with businesses. Bruzek writes that the e-NV200 shares many features with the gas-powered NV200 and will be marketed to businesses:

“The e-NV200 Concept’s platform is, at heart, a commercial vehicle, and Nissan retained the current NV200’s payload and cargo space with the e-NV200. The van’s global specifications rate payload at 1,700 pounds and roughly 145 cubic feet of maximum cargo space, which is similar to most minivans. Even with its large cargo capacity, the overall length is only about 5 inches longer than the Nissan Leaf hatchback, though it’s considerably taller.”

Here are a few specs from the press release:

  • Powered by lithium-ion battery that generates 207 lb-ft of torque
  • Glass ceiling panels create roomy interior
  • Features touchscreen display that responds to user commands, similar to an iPad
  • Front-wheel drive

The introduction of an all-electric van would be big news for the field service industry, so it’s definitely a development worth watching. Keep checking in here, as we’ll update you throughout the week with more news from the big Detroit Auto Show.