Field service firms are reaping the benefits of a mobilized workforce. But how can these companies mitigate the costs of unnecessary and excessive monthly data plans? Tiered plans, while disappointing to many managers who have grown accustomed to unlimited data, can actually save service firms money.

Verizon and AT&T have moved away from unlimited data plans, but Sprint’s holding out for now as the only major U.S. carrier to offer unlimited data. But do most businesses really have an insatiable need for data. Not really. The good news is tiered plans can actually be good for businesses whose eyes are often bigger than their data appetites. IT Business Net recently ran an interesting article detailing how businesses can save money with tiered plans once they cut “emotional ties” to unlimited data.

The article offers several tips for small business owners looking looking to curtail data costs, beginning with monitoring employee mobile data usage to eliminate certain high-drain activities, such as video streaming. Techs may love to catch the latest highlights during their lunch break, but video burns data quickly and can run up costs on the monthly bill. Shared data plans that will allow users on the same plan to share data bandwidth is expected on Verizon soon.

The article identifies two main areas of waste for businesses: overestimated need and undermanagement.

For many small businesses, unnecessary mobile expenses happen in two ways: overspending on wireless services and maintaining an undermanaged environment. … By not realizing employees’ usage trends, your company may be missing a significant savings opportunity. Undermanaged environments affect mobile spend by racking up fees, such as overage charges, roaming and unnecessary feature downloads.

Be realistic about your business’ needs, manage your employees use of data and ensure you’re not paying for data plans on unnecessary or unused devices. Take these small steps, and you’ll likely eliminate a costly deadly sin from your books: data gluttony.

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