ServiceMax has always had a strong culture of trying new things, taking calculated risks and often times turning successful experiments into integral parts of our product and company. Our most recent venture? FieldConnect.

ServiceMax held its first FieldConnect event Wednesday night in Boston. Going into the event, we had no idea what was going to come of it. Would people show up? Would they have enough to talk about for two hours? What if the Red Sox has made the playoffs and were on TV that night?

Well, now that the first FieldConnect has come and gone, we are feeling pretty sure that we’re onto something big here — more than 30 field service pros gathered at Menton Restaurant in Boston for the inaugural event. Conversations ranged from the increasing importance of service at companies to international border technology to the upcoming ski season. It was clear that the field service industry was long overdue for a platform where we could come together as a community and share best practices, advice, stories and even similar interests outside of field service.

The success of our first FieldConnect has us very excited for next week’s event in Dallas (there is still room, sign up here!) and if you want us to come to your city next, leave a comment and we’ll make it happen!