Mobile technologies are sweeping though business, a trend that will soon pierce the skincare and jewelry counters at Macy’s, not to mention every driver in the company’s furniture and mattress delivery operation. According to a story by Audrea Chang in the Los Angeles Times, Macy’s, which owns Bloomingdale’s, will experiment with tablets in 350 stores nationwide this quarter to help sell shoes, fine jewelry and high-end skincare products.

But the company’s technological experiment doesn’t end at the cosmetics kiosk. By equipping every furniture and delivery driver with GPS-enabled tablets later this month, the department store giant hopes to help streamline drivers’ routes, provide more accurate delivery times, capture delivery verification and enable personnel to pull up sale information at the doorstep to head off customer questions and complaints (“But the salesperson told me delivery was free and that I’d been upgraded to the Tempur-Pedic”). With approximately 800 locations across the United States, that’s a lot of drivers – and a lot of tablets.

Companies big and small, from the local HVAC repair outfit to some of the largest name brands in the country, are flirting with tablets and the potential they hold to improve the customer experience, meet SLA and warranty obligations, enable technicians to walk into every customer interaction completely informed – and, apparently, to sell jewelry and makeup.